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I have installed Visual Studio 2008 Professional on a fresh Windows 8 system. After that my existing C#/WPF project is not working. It's giving so many build errors.

Actually the project was build in Visual Studio 2008 / Windows XP and it was working fine. But the same project is not now.

I just observed some differences in my project file.





Showing Errors in xaml on xmlns

Assembly 'Monitor' was not found. Verify that your are not missing an assembly reference.


This kind of build and compatibility issues are not documented anywhere.

If any have any ideas, please share them with me.

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If you open the references I suspect some will show with an exclamation mark, which means that VS doesn't find those. If this is the case, add them back. –  Philippe May 30 '14 at 11:00

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I have found the solution myself. MSBuild directory was missing from C:\Program Files. Then i have copied from some other system.

Now its working without build issues.

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