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I'm using AngularJS with a Python-Flask backend. On my logged in landing page, there's a typeahead box. I'd like to have it pre-filled and ready to go when the page loads. What's the best practice for doing that?

The Flask end looks like:

def home_page(**kwargs):
    return make_response(open('app/templates/home.html').read())

The angular front-end looks like:

angular.module('app', ['ngResource', 'ngRoute', 'typeahead'])
    '$routeProvider', '$locationProvider',
    function($routeProvider, $locationProvider) {
        .when('/home', {
          templateUrl: 'static/partials/home.html',
          controller: HomeController

I would think that the data should be a jsonified paraemter accompanying the make_response return, but I don't see a good way to do that. Using $resource as an ajax call seems like it's not exactly right either because that would occur after the page has loaded (and would be a second request, which seems unnecessary).

Thanks for your help.

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