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Is there a way to create a video from NetLogo?

I have had a look at the quicktime extension, however, this seams to only allow you to import videos, not create them.

What I want to do is save a video of what is happening in the environment. I have a model with loads of turtles running around, I want to save this to a video so I can use it in a presentation. Is this possible (other than just doing a screen capture)?


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This is documented at http://ccl.northwestern.edu/netlogo/docs/programming.html#movies

See also https://github.com/NetLogo/NetLogo/issues/165 which just about everyone runs into, and https://github.com/NetLogo/NetLogo/issues/499 which you may run into on Mac OS X 10.9.'

An alternative approach is to use export-view and export-interface to save a bunch of PNG files, and then assemble them into a movie afterwards using other software.

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