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I always use show command to change some parameters

pic1=plot(  Thermo_Cond_Sutra(por=0.4,lamb=2)
pic1.show(legend_loc="upper right"
        ,fontsize=15, frame=True ,axes=False

However, the parameters in the show() will not validate in the eps file I saved after the show. Is there a way to modify the parameters such as Frame=true, axes=false to the eps file?


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Most arguments for show can be already put in plot.

sage: P = plot(x, frame=True, axes=False)
sage: P.save('a.eps')

works fine for me.

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I can also put it in the save command. i.e.

pic1.save('a.eps',legend_loc="lower right"          ,frame=true
          ,fontsize=15 )

This is particularly useful when you have multiple plots.

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