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My latest cocoa project started out as a simple app (i.e. non-document based). With everything in the one xib wiring up the bindings/actions of the items in the main menu was trivial. I've now decided to make the project documenet-based and I'm well along this path. Right now though I'm struggling to figure out the most effective way to wire up the aforementioned menu items. All of the objects which will deal with the actions, and to which a number of my menu items are currently bound, exist in the document xib, while the items themselves are in MainMenu.xib.

I (think I) understand the responder chain, but almost all of the actions triggered by my menu items are currently dealt with by controller objects, which don't appear in this chain. Other responses to questions of this type point out that the NSDocument subclass does feature in the chain, and seem to imply that this object should deal with the actions. I'm surprised by this because it would then need a whole host of outlets so that it can deal with some very diverse menu requests.

What's more, even if I do load up my NSDocument subclass to deal with all these actions, I'm still facing the prospect of writing tonnes of code-based bindings.

Am I missing something? This must be a common problem, and I'd be surprised if the solutions I've outlined are the best on offer. In much of their documentation Apple try to impress upon developers the importance of (i) separating concerns, and (ii) using interface builder to replace code when possible, but these solutions seem to violate both.

A specific example: I have an 'add row' button in my Main Menu. Ideally a click here would be dealt with by my MyCustomTableController which has a reference to the array controller and to the table view. As it stands however I don't seem to have that option: I can either let NSDocument deal with the action, but then it would need a reference to the table controller, or I can subclass NSTableView and let it catch the event, but then it would also need a reference to MyCustomTableController. Neither seems like a good solution.

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Do you have a specific example of one menu action that seems kludgey to you? These answers have some suggestions. Bind through application with a keypath down to the active document seems to be the workable one. –  stevesliva May 30 at 16:44

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