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How to: Read the content of a selected DataGrid row

I have got a DataGrid which is filled by a class (MyClass) through Binding. That works perfect. Now, I would like to get the content of a field from the selected row.

Example: Doe John CEO 2002 Now, when I select this row, I would like to save the (first) content "Doe" into a string.

DataRowView row = (DataRowView)dataGrid_Test.SelectedItems[0];
string s = row["LastName"].ToString();

But doing it that way, I just get an error message:

System.InvalidCastException was unhandled.
Unable to cast object of type "MyClass" to type "System.Data.DataRowView".
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SelectedItem property is bound to your MyClass object. Retrieve the property this way:

MyClass obj = (MyClass)dataGrid_Test.SelectedItems[0];
string s = myClass.LastName;
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Well done! Thanks a lot, you/this solved my problem. – gpuk360 May 30 '14 at 13:53

you can select the selected row of a datagrid by using the code:

String info = dataGrid_Test.CurrentRow.Cells["someColumnName"].ToString();

you can replace the string to be whatever you need and use loops to grab more info from the grid.

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I like to take the datatable away from the datagridview and manipulate that. But I think your main problem here is that you're not accessing the "value" property.

DataRowView row = (DataRowView)dataGrid_Test.SelectedItems[0];
string s = row["LastName"].Value.ToString();

But, as far as using datatables, you can grab the datasource and get a datarow. Here it is in

   Dim DT as Datatable = Datagridview.datasource 
   Dim datarow As DataRow = DT.Rows(0)
   Dim strItem As String = datarow.Item("ColumnName")
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CurrentItem worked as well (got the answer thanks to DotN3TDev's clue)

Basically, SelectedItem seemed to be an inconsistent because I set a breakpoint and debugged, and sometimes got a successful cast to DataRowView and the cast exception occurred only some times! So another approach would be:

var row = (DataRowView) dataGrid_Test.CurrentItem;
var s = row["LastName"].ToString();

Update: It still was inconsistent, because it was actually a new row that was selected. So one way is to

  • check if the value of dataGrid_Test.SelectedIndex exceeds the current row count.
  • Alternatively, use is to ensure its an existing row, else assume its a new row

    if (dataGrid_Test.CurrentItem is DataRowView)
        var row = (DataRowView) dataGrid_Test.CurrentItem;
        var s = row["LastName"].ToString();
        // do stuff - selected existing row
        // selected the new (last) row
        // do other stuff - 

If you want to disable this behaviour, you can set a flag on the DataGrid:


Or in case you don't want anything to be neither added nor even editable, but only selectable....

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