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I am using FFmpeg for stream rtsp URL in iOS. I am trying to stream a local url but my app is failed to open url avformat_open_input method always return -5

I have played the same url rtsp:// on VLC media player on my iPhone and macbook it works on both.

After few research i have found there is some problem with rtsp_transport

I was using av_dict_set(&serverOpt, "rtsp_transport", "tcp", 0); for the server configuration while opening url and the result is can not open feed.

When I changed it to av_dict_set(&serverOpt, "rtsp_transport", "udp", 1); I am able to open url successfully but I continuously getting error rtsp 1 missing packet and so on.

Can anybody help what should be the right configuration while opening a local rtsp url using ffmpeg. Should i need to update av_dict_set(&serverOpt, "rtsp_transport", "udp", 1)

Thanks in advance

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Yes you can use UDP means av_dict_set(&serverOpt, "rtsp_transport", "udp", 0) in your code it will work.

You can also skip this step. I am playing local and remote both RTSP URL and setting nothing.

Direct open the URL using avformat_open_input without specify the rtsp_transport.

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