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I was wondering if someone here could help me with my site, which uses the Bueno theme (Wordpress CMS). I tried asking in the theme's support forum, but I didn't get any response.

The main issue I have is that the theme automatically displays excerpts on the front page instead of the full post. The situation I would like is to have it show the entire post, unless I use the 'more' tag in the editor. But at the moment it breaks posts off on its own and ignores the more tag.

I've tried looking for a solution myself, but the code of the theme doesn't seem to have <*?php the_excerpt(); ?> that I can change to <*?php the_content(); ?>, which is the suggestion I see everywhere.

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Appears to be this: Under Theme Options -> General Settings set the Post Content to Full Content.

Or, if not, open index.php and change

<?php if ( $woo_options['woo_post_content'] == "content" ) {
the_content('[...]'); } else { the_excerpt(); ?><?php } ?>


<?php the_content('[...]'); ?>

See http://support.woothemes.com/hc/communities/public/questions/201460727-Excerpt-Full-Post-Problem

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Thanks for the answer. However, that solution seems to be for an older version of Bueno. The problem started when a completely new version of the theme was released (before that, the excerpts worked properly). –  Nyxus Jun 1 at 12:59

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