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How do you implement a good profanity filter?

I am developing a web application, and do not want people to publish adult (pornographic) content.

So is there a service or a list of words which are porn related?

Or is there another way to filter adult content?

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This could have unintended consequences, such as the blocking of sexual health terms, such as "breast cancer" "safe sex" "condom", i also see many blogs that get around this by saying "p0rn" or [s]ex. –  kyle k Jun 27 '13 at 0:55

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It can't be done, Disney failed.
If you restrict the words that can be used you'll just see things like this:

I want to stick my long-necked Giraffe up your fluffy white bunny

What you need is a good way for users to flag inappropriate content and a mechanism to deal with it swiftly. One way is to automatically hide/remove content if it's been flagged more than X times.

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Just be aware of the medireview problem when filtering ;-) It is quite easy to make a false positive when using simple text filtering algorithms. Maybe it's even worth considering Bayesian statistical classification approach used in spam filters.

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Yes, here and here. Read: it cannot be done.

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