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Angular $filter can do string fuzzy search for Object Array,

But every of My Objects have one property of base64 pic.

var MyObjects = [{
    property1: 'ab',
    property2: 'cd',
}, {
    property1: 'ef',
    property2: 'gh',
}, {


result = $filter('filter')(MyObjects, $scope.searchText);

How can I except pic property in fuzzy search?

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Angular's filter can take a function as an argument to filter your array. The filter will select items that the function returns true for.

You can use this feature to achieve what you want.

Here is the official documentation

So, you could do something like this to compare the search text only with the two properties you want to:

var filterFunction = function(item) {
    var val = $scope.searchText
    return item.property1.indexOf(val || '') !== -1 || item.property2.indexOf(val || '') !== -1;

result = $filter('filter')(MyObjects, filterFunction, $scope.searchText);

Here's a fiddle demonstrating this effect.

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You can use angular.filter to filter by fuzzy search
usage: collection | fuzzy: search
or collection | fuzzyBy: property: search

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