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I've been looking how to perform CRUD operations within an array in my document, but I have not gotten to do it with as mongotemplate and springdata.

An example could be:

public class Person {
     private String name; 
     private String lastName; 
     private Integer age; 
     private List<Address> addresses ; 

public class Address {
     private String street; 
     private String city; 
     private String zipCode; 

the only way I've gotten is find the document and then update the array in my java service an save again the document.

thanks for your help!

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You can do mongo updates via MongoOperations/MongoTempate. Here is how you would structure those updates: docs.mongodb.org/manual/reference/method/db.collection.update/… –  DavidA May 30 at 20:05

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