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I have made some changes inside the user control, to both the code behind and aspx. When i run my local development or the dev site (posted the changes to dev site). I don't see my changes. I recycled the app pools and restarted the dev site as well.

I have placed break points in the code. The code never hits those. When i mouse over the break points after the page has executed, i get unreachable code message (yellow popop and attached).

I am only able to see my changes (local dev and dev site) after deleting asp.net temp internet files on my local machine and dev box.

I have just posted the code to the staging site and it is doing the same thing. Here i can't delete the asp.net temp files during the middle of the day or restart iis.

The project is

VS 2012 ASP.NET 4.5 IIS 7 Kentico CMS - Classic Asp.Net

This is the first time i am seeing this behavior. Has some one else seen this and how did you fix it?


enter image description here

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Have you tried a different browser? Or cleared your browser's cache? It sounds like a caching issue. –  Nathan A May 30 at 16:12
Yes, i did all that. –  learning... May 30 at 16:12
I forgot to add the break point attachment, it is now attached. –  learning... May 30 at 16:13
I have restarted my machine now, made one more change and it is again not being picked up. I deleted the asp.net temp files again for my change to be picked up. –  learning... May 30 at 17:07
Sort of silly but try a rebuild all on the solution/project and do clean on the solution/project as well. Also open the aspx page and refresh the design view. –  Justin May 30 at 17:55
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I think, recycling the AppPool should solve the issue, and if the IIS is configured for Overlapping recycling, the users should notice that it is happening. Info from IIS MS Docu

... Overlapping recycling, the default, lets an unhealthy worker process become marked for recycling, but continues handling requests that this unhealthy process has already received. It does not accept new requests from HTTP.sys. When all existing requests are handled, the unhealthy worker process shuts down. ...

I hope this helps.

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Before posting my problem, i went through these steps. I shut down and then restarted the site as well. This Kentico site is setup as an application under our custom MVC solution. The same problem showed up for me on staging (2 servers) and production (2 servers) as well. This doesn't looks like an environment issue, but rather a project issue. We have another custom classic asp.net site for internal use, and on the same servers and that is not showing this issue. –  learning... Jun 2 at 13:33
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I have been through a lot of articles and forum posts but this issue is still there, for all of my environments (local dev, dev site, staging site and production site).

As in my original post, i get the following when i mouse over the breakpoints:

The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No executable code is associated with this line. Possible causes include: conditional compilation or compiler optimizations

When i restart the machine, delete temp internet files and run the site. My changes are picked up just fine. At this time, any changes i make they all are picked up just fine. Even when I stop the asp.net development server and then run the site and make changes. These get picked up just fine as well.

If i restart the machine, and run the site without deleting temp internet files, my changes are not picked up and its here when i get into the breakpoint message above. I have changed the setting to "build website" rather than the page now. This has no affect at all as well. This is now driving me crazy.

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I created a project from scratch and then moved the web content into it.

  • Local dev is now behaving normal at this time
  • Dev site is behaving normal when i post stuff to it
  • Production site is behaving normal when i post stuff to it - load balanced
  • Staging site is still having the same issue. This is load balanced and on the same servers as production.

For both staging and production, we have setup Kentico CMS site as an application under custom MVC site, with the same name. Could this be interfering now?


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Kentico had a caching bug that got fixed in HotFix upgrade 7.0.86. I have applied most recent HotFix 7.0.92 and on dev and staging sites, it looks fixed now.

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