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I just recently added the Facebook Comments social plugin for one of my websites. I use the angular-easyfb directive to load the social plugin (https://github.com/pc035860/angular-easyfb). On init, I also provide my App ID to the directive:

// init easyfb
app.config(function (ezfbProvider) {
    appId: 'my_app_id'

So now that everything is set up and working, I want to fetch the comments from the Facebook Graph API. I've been reading the Facebook docs and have been trying out a couple ways to do this. According to their docs (), I should be able to get all the comments through this url:


But as you can see, nothing shows up (note that on the page at http://vitus-adoptie.be/#!/pets/53885581e14e320f0ae41d21, some comments are in fact posted).

Next I put this url (http://vitus-adoptie.be/#!/pets/53885581e14e320f0ae41d21) in the Facebook debugger (https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object?q=http%3A%2F%2Fvitus-adoptie.be%2F%23%21%2Fpets%2F53885581e14e320f0ae41d21) which gives me the following Open Graph URL: https://graph.facebook.com/513482525419925. If I now make a the following request to the Open Graph:


I finally see the comments (an access token is required). My question now is, how can I get the Graph API URL provided by the Object Debugger in my example, so that I can get the comments for a specific page in my website?

PS: Maybe it's good to note that if a place a comment on my website and I keep "post to Facebook" checked, it actually doesn't show up in my activity log. So maybe something might be wrong in the configuration of the plugin, which could explain why the graph comments edge remains empty for my URL.

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