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I have the following table (points):

    recno   uid   uname   points
    1       a     abc      10
    2       b     bac      8
    3       c     cvb      12
    4       d     aty      13
    5       f     cyu      9

What I need is to show only the top ten records with by points (desc) and five records on each page. I have following the SQL statement:

    select * from points where uid in(a,c) order by uid LIMIT 1, 5


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I don't understand... Is that what you want: select * from points order by points desct limit 5 ? – Aif Mar 7 '10 at 11:31

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for the first page:

SELECT * FROM points p ORDER BY points DESC LIMIT 0, 5

for the second page:

SELECT * FROM points p ORDER BY points DESC LIMIT 5, 5
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You can't execute an SQL query to return a set number of pages, you'll have to implement some kind of pagination module or whatever equivalent there is for the scenario you're in and fetch LIMIT 0, 5 for one then LIMIT 5, 5 for the other.

With such few records it wouldn't be an issue but in a production scale environment selected all records then breaking those results down into pages would be a lot of unnecessary overhead, it's good practice to only select the data you need.

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