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I have installed Artifactory 3.2.0 (free version) on my computer and it is relatively easy to use but I am confused when it comes to viewing the dependencies between artifacts.

As a trial run, I uploaded an artifact with default pom, but added in


which is the dependency declaration of another file. However I do not see anything indicating the two dependencies between the two artifacts. Is this what artifactory is like? Or is there something wrong with my installation of artifactory?

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Typically, binary repository does not include dependency manager of its own, so it does not know about the dependencies between artifacts. This is due to the fact that there is a whole plead of dependency managers, each of them resolves dependencies a bit differently (specially, when it comes to transitive dependencies). Even one tool can switch the resolution strategy between versions. That means that doing static dependency analysis correctly is almost impossible, so when you just upload the files, Artifactory doesn't know about the dependencies.

This changes, when Artifactory has a chance to do a runtime dependency analysis. If you run a build (effectively resolving the artifacts using the dependency manager of choice) and Artifactory is aware of it (by using one of the Build Integration plugins, Maven plugin or Gradle plugin), then boom! you can see all the dependencies in the build browser: enter image description here

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