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I have an app which generates some files in the app directories

I need users to be able to access the files from another device/computer via file sharing over wifi, using a web browser, a ftp client or some similar method.

Can the iPhone act as a http server and ftp server by itself or do I need to do some programing to make the http server and ftp server by myself?



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The code examples for Erica Sadun's rather excellent 3.0 edition of the iPhone Developer's Cookbook are downloadable at github. She has two chapters on various modes of networking including an example HTTP server.

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The iPhone has no built-in web or ftp server. So if you want this functionality to be part of your application then you will have to include one in your code.

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CocoaHTTPServer is an excellent library for this purpose, widely used also in iPhone apps. It has a good documentation and working example projects, even for iPhone.

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