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I have an enum myEnum, and the following methods in C++:

void MyClass::SetValue(myEnum newValue);
void MyClass::GetValue(myEnum& theValue);

I'm using the "enums.i", and myEnum has properly been converted to a Java enum. SetValue works correctly, but GetValue takes one of the strange SWIGTYPE_p_myEnum_ptr classes that I cannot create.

Is there a way of automatically creating a wrapper for all enum references? Something like a class that contains the enum value, so it can be passed around and modified?

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Look at the Swig docs re typemaps (section 10.1.1 of SWIG 3, in particular), there is a typemap that automatically exposes a void f(T&) as a T f(), you have to tell SWIG to use it for your type. You would use %apply of the OUTPUT typemap on your type, something along the lines of

%apply MyEnum& OUTPUT {MyEnum& theValue};
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That will be awesome, but the closest thing I've found in the documentation is Do you remember where you saw that? – Edu Garcia Jun 1 '14 at 0:09
I don't know why I didn't get a notification with your update. Anyway, thanks for that, although it's similar to what I already had, but I'm using int* instead of MyEnum& because doing what you said gets me Warning 453: Can't apply (MyEnum &OUTPUT). No typemaps are defined. Also, this doesn't change the void to the return type, but it changes the parameter to be the specified type, so I don't think this will really work. – Edu Garcia Jun 2 '14 at 22:16

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