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I want to have my application integrated with LinkedIn in way that after sign up I will ask user for LinkedIn credentials (using omniauth) and fetch his data. If user isn't logged into LinkedIn and he signs up in my app then LinkedIn login form will pop up and everything works fine.

Problem is when user is already logged in LinkedIn, then instead of LinkedIn login form, user is automatically logged and redirected back to my app. I know that this is a feature not a bug, but I want to force this form to pop up every time. The reason why I want this, is that I want to protect against this case: one user is logged in LinkedIn, second user (who uses the same pc and same browser as the first one) signs up on my app and then he will fetch all info from LinkedIn which belongs to first user without providing any password.

How can I force to provide users LinkedIn credentials every time somebody signs up? I would be appreciated if you could help me.

I am using rails 4, omniauth (1.2.1), omniauth-linkedin (0.1.0)

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can anyone help? –  mcklrs Jun 2 '14 at 12:24

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