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I am currently writing a small texteditor. With this texteditor users are able to create small scripts for a very simple scripting engine.

For a better overview I want to highlight codeblocks with the same command like GoTo(x,y) or Draw(x,y).

To achieve this I want to use Regular Expresions (I am already using it to highlight other things like variables)

Here is my Expression (I know it's very ugly):


The "logic":

  • (?< !GoTo|Draw|Example) : Negative Lookbehind. No GoTo/Draw/Example command in the line before (inserted a space to avoid rendering problems)
  • (^(?:GoTo|Draw|Example)(.+)*?$) now macth GoTo/Draw/Example() until line end (even match a comment)
  • "+" find last pattern min. one times
  • UNTIL in the next line does not contain GoTo/Draw/Example (negative lookahead)

(for testing at regex101.com, finaly I need this for vb.net) It matches the following:

-Code-                    -result-             execpted result
GoTo(5656)               -> MATCH 1            -> MATCH 1
GoTo(sdsd) --comment     -> MATCH 2            -> MATCH 2
GoTo(23329);             -> MATCH 3            -> MATCH 2
GoTo(12)                 -> MATCH 4            -> MATCH 3
Draw(23)                 -> MATCH 5            -> MATCH 4
Draw(24)                 -> MATCH 6            -> MATCH 4
Draw(25)                 -> MATCH 7            -> MATCH 4

But what I want to achieve is, that the complete "blocks" of the same command are matched. In this case Match 2 & 4 and Match 5 & 6 & 7 should be one match.

Image: Group example:

Tested with http://regex101.com/, the programming lanuage is vb.net.

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Can you please provide the input text and the expected result? I think there isn't enough information to provide and suggestion here – Dalorzo May 31 '14 at 1:00
Matches 3 & 4 appear to be separated by Test(). Do you mean matches 2 & 3? Additionally please clarify what language you're using. In the expression above, (?.....) is the regular expression, and /...../gm is regular expression syntax in a programming language. – Aron Griffis May 31 '14 at 1:10
Finaly I use vb.net, but for testing I am using: regex101.com/,if the regex matches correct there I can implement it. Added an Image for a better example. – Sylvanas Garde May 31 '14 at 3:41
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The expression you are looking for is


You can see this at work here

The key here is the use of \n to match "everything including the end of the line" so you can match across multiple lines. Also note the use of ?: to get non-capturing inner groups (which are repeated) so we don't end up with inner and outer matches (we only want "the whole block" matched). Finally, the | separates an entire block of Draw from an entire block of GoTo. Obviously if you have other keywords, you can repeat for those as well.

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Thank you very much! – Sylvanas Garde May 31 '14 at 8:48

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