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I am trying to send a "request line" and a file through a socket.

Client (sender)

Socket socket = new Socket(hostName, SOCKET_PORT);
DataOutputStream os = new DataOutputStream(socket.getOutputStream());
FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(fileName);
os.writeBytes("PUT c:\dev\foo\helloworld.txt" + "\r\n")
byte[] buffer = new byte[1024];
int bytes;
while((bytes = fis.read(buffer)) != -1 ) {
    try {
        os.write(buffer, 0, bytes);
    } catch (IOException e) {e.printStackTrace();}

Sever (receiver)

ServerSocket serverSocket = new ServerSocket(SOCKET_PORT);
Socket clientSoc = serverSocket.accept();
InputStream inputStream = clientSoc.getInputStream();
BufferedReader bufferedReader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(inputStream));
String requestLine = bufferedReader.readLine();
File currentFile = (File)new ObjectInputStream(inputStream).readObject(); //This doesn't work
byteSequence = new byte[new Long(currentFile.length()).intValue()];
for(int i =0; i<currentFile.length();i++){
    byteSequence[i] = (byte)clientSoc.getInputStream().read();
try {
    FileOutputStream newFile = new FileOutputStream(currentFile.getName());
    newFile.write(byteSequence,0, byteSequence.length);
} catch (IOException e) {e.printStackTrace();}

I am able to read the request line on the server but when I attempt to read the file it throws an exception (line below).

File currentFile = (File)new ObjectInputStream(inputStream).readObject(); 


java.io.StreamCorruptedException: invalid stream header: 0A48656C

What exactly am I doing wrong?

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it throws an exception Please post the stacktrace. –  MrLore May 31 at 5:18

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You are trying to access an object that was not even passed to the socket.. you only passed a byte of string to the server but you never pass an Object to the server using the ObjectOutputStream..

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Should I be using 2 separate streams for text & files? @Rod_Algonquin –  ojhawkins May 31 at 5:57
@ojhawkins depends but before that are you even passing an object of file to the stream? –  Rod_Algonquin May 31 at 6:02
I Believe so. On the client in the while loop I am reading the FileInputStream and writing it into the output stream of the socket. @Rod_Algonquin –  ojhawkins May 31 at 6:30
@ojhawkins no you are not.. youre only writings bytes of data to the output stream not object to enable you to readObject() you must use the ObjectOutputStream but i coudnt see it there.. –  Rod_Algonquin May 31 at 6:42
Ok let me try that @Rod_Algonquin –  ojhawkins May 31 at 6:52

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