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I installed java on my machine and I wanted to compile this group of source code. But when I opened up the command prompt and typed in javac, the command prompt said it was an unknown parameter. The same thing happened when I wanted to build something with ant (I had the build.xml if you are wondering) and the same thing happened. How can I set the javac and ant command to be used in any directory?

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Can you tell us exactly what you typed and what messages came back on the command line? – Brabster Mar 7 '10 at 15:49

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First of all you have to be sure you installed JDK and not only JRE

Secondly it depends on your operating system:

  • windows: you have to reach environment variables by using My Computer (manage->advanced->something here)
  • linux/osx: you have to export variables with export command or by using a .profile file in user directory

Then you need to set two things:

  • adding /jdk_1.6.../bin/ to your PATH variable
  • setting JAVA_HOME to your root of java installation ( /java_1.6..../ ) (maybe this is not required by java itself but many frameworks use it)

One note: on OSX, and maybe Linux too you have to split paths in PATH variable with double colon ':' instead that semicolon ';'

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Add the directory the executable is in to the PATH environment variable.

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Guessing that you are using Windows. Right click My Computer and click Manage. Then, in the Advanced tab, select Environment Variables. In the new window, under System variables, find Path and append the full path to the binaries (javac and ant) at the end, separated by semicolons.

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