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I'm trying to get keyboard input in PHP Cli. I don't want to do a thing like 'readline' in console, but I want to read, at any moment, which keys the user is pressing even if the PHP console window doesn't have the focus. So, I want to create a sort of keylogger.

It's not important if you have a solution that is only compatible with Linux. Is it possible to get the keypresses by watching the keyboard file in /dev/input/* ?

Solution proposal : Since there's no answer on this topic, nor existing resources on the Internet for a PHP implementation, I abandoned my searches because it's too late for me.

However i recommend to other people that want to do the same thing to try a procedure like this :

  • Find your keyboard event-file in /dev/input/event* (cat each of these files and type on the keyboard)
  • In PHP, do a stream_select() (PHP equivalent to the select() system call) on that file to get changes (key events) on this file. I don't know if it works like this, but you can necessarily find a solution to watch this file.
  • Go to Linux Input drivers v1.0 documentation and read 5. Event interface, this is how the key events are encoded.
  • Parse and decode the stream with the unpack() PHP function (binary decoding).
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