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Suppose there is:

DT = data.table(a=1, b=2, "a+b"=8)

and there is variable col="a+b" referencing the third column of DT

How to perform an operation on that column by reference? Let's say I want multiply col by 2, so in the above example the result should be 8*2=16, not (1+2)*2=6

For example, this obviously doesn't work:

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I predict that using R operators within column names in data.table structures will "come to a bad end". You will get code that is more difficult to understand and very buggy. – 42- May 31 '14 at 18:52
Ups, already using R operators within column names all over the place, and indeed it feels complicated and very buggy :) Well we learn by doing or listening to more experienced userRs, thanks! – Daniel Krizian May 31 '14 at 21:06

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It sounds like you're looking for get:

DT = data.table(a=1, b=2, "a+b"=8)
col = "a+b"
DT[, get(col) * 2]
# [1] 16
DT[, c := get(col) * 2]
#    a b a+b  c
# 1: 1 2   8 16
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