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I can't find how I can draw my image sent by my javascript in a PPB_Graphics2D context. I have this message sent by my javascript :

function loadBackground()
    var background = new Image();
    background.onload = function () {
    var graph = document.createElement('canvas');
    graph.id = 'background';
    graph.width = background.width;
    graph.height = background.height;
    var context = graph.getContext('2d');
    context.drawImage(background, 0, 0);
    var backgroundData = context.getImageData(0, 0, background.width, background.height);
    common.naclModule.postMessage({'message' : 'background',
                               'name' : 'background',
                               'width' : background.width,
                               'height' : background.height,
                               'data' : backgroundData.data.buffer});
    background.src = "images/background.png";

And this is how I handle it in my C code :

static void Messaging_HandleMessage(PP_Instance instance, struct PP_Var message)
    if(message.type == PP_VARTYPE_DICTIONARY)
        // Key for dictionary
        struct PP_Var messageKey = ppb_var_interface->VarFromUtf8("message",7);
        struct PP_Var nameKey = ppb_var_interface->VarFromUtf8("name", 4);
        struct PP_Var widthKey = ppb_var_interface->VarFromUtf8("width", 5);
        struct PP_Var heightKey = ppb_var_interface->VarFromUtf8("height", 6);
        struct PP_Var dataKey = ppb_var_interface->VarFromUtf8("data", 4);
        // Value for key
        struct PP_Var messageValue = ppb_var_dictionary->Get(message, messageKey);
        struct PP_Var nameValue = ppb_var_dictionary->Get(message, nameKey);
        struct PP_Var widthValue = ppb_var_dictionary->Get(message, widthKey);
        struct PP_Var heightValue = ppb_var_dictionary->Get(message, heightKey);
        struct PP_Var dataValue = ppb_var_dictionary->Get(message, dataKey);
        // Translate into C variable
        uint32_t length = 0;
        const char *messageString = ppb_var_interface->VarToUtf8(messageValue, &length);
        if(strcmp(messageString, "background") == 0)
            int widthBackground = widthValue.value.as_int;
            int heightBackground = heightValue.value.as_int;
            uint32_t *pixel = (uint32_t *)ppb_var_arraybuffer->Map(dataValue);
            background = malloc(sizeof(Texture));
            background->width = widthBackground;
            background->height = heightBackground;
            background->pixels = pixel;

The background struct that I use :

struct Texture {
  int width;
  int height;
  uint32_t *pixels;

Texture *background;

And this is how I try to use render method :

void render()
struct PP_Size *size = NULL;
size->width = background->width;
size->height = background->height;
PP_Resource image = ppb_imageData->Create(g_instance, format, size, PP_FALSE);
ppb_graphics_2d->Flush(image, PP_BlockUntilComplete());

And it crash at this step. I'm not familiar at all with Nacl and try to use it in C instead of C++ and found no many information about it :/ If someone can explain me how I can show the image into the context can be really great.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

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