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i have tables tbl_actor, tbl_stockholder, tbl_proxy_list

actor_id, col1, col2

stockholder_id, actor_id, col1, col2

proxy_list_id, stockholder_actor_id, proxy_actor_id

i want to have a masterlist of stockholder and proxy. something like this.

(stockholder_id + proxy_actor_id) - distinct(stockholder_actor_id)


 SELECT * FROM tbl_actor a
 LEFT JOIN tbl_stockholder s USING (actor_id)
 LEFT JOIN (SELECT * FROM tbl_proxy_list GROUP BY proxy_actor_id) pl ON a.actor_id = pl.proxy_actor_id
 WHERE NOT EXISTS (select null from tbl_proxy_list pl WHERE a.actor_id = pl.stockholder_actor_id) 
 AND (s.stockholder_id IS NOT NULL OR proxy_list_id IS NOT NULL)

this query seems work.. but i think there is something they call (code smell) in this.

i'm asking.. is there any better or the right thing than this.


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Hm, it reeks. Consider providing proper DDLs (and/or an sqlfiddle) TOGETHER WITH THE DESIRED RESULT SET –  Strawberry May 31 '14 at 22:40
can you teach me.. how to sqlfiddle? –  user1046065 May 31 '14 at 22:45

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