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So, for example, how do I use Futura Condensed Medium, not regular Futura?

All I can do is create a font this way:

new Font("Futura", Font.PLAIN, 60);

I don't see a way to condense it, and with TextAttributes, java condenses it graphically and doesn't use the condensed subfont.

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The answer is probably to be found in new Font("Futura Condensed Medium", Font.PLAIN, 60); but list all the font names and you'll get a better idea of the name to use. –  Andrew Thompson Jun 1 at 9:35
I tried that; listed my fonts, and the font was "Futura-CondensedMedium". It didn't work though, not even with " : Futura" afterwards. –  juliand665 Jun 1 at 12:16
..are you referring to getFamily(), getFontName(), getName() or getPSName()? For better help sooner, post an MCVE (Minimal Complete and Verifiable Example). –  Andrew Thompson Jun 1 at 15:09
I can't check exactly what it used, but the output for the font I wanted was Futura-CondensedMedium. I'm just using a ttf file of this specific subfont now. –  juliand665 Jun 3 at 19:21
"I can't check exactly what it used," ?!? List all fonts using code. Then you can! –  Andrew Thompson Jun 4 at 2:19

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