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I want nodejs to send and receive messages with xbee. I know that the xbee setup works because I tested it on x-ctu. I tried the following but can't receive the message. It says it's open.

var util = require('util');
var SerialPort = require('serialport').SerialPort;
var xbee_api = require('xbee-api');

var C = xbee_api.constants;

var xbeeAPI = new xbee_api.XBeeAPI({
    api_mode: 1

var serialport = new SerialPort("COM7", {
    baudrate: 9600,
    parser: xbeeAPI.parseRaw(1000)

serialport.on("open", function() {

// All frames parsed by the XBee will be emitted here
//I think this is the problem
xbeeAPI.on("frame_object", function(frame) {
    console.log(">>", frame);
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I figured it out a few day ago. I relized I could just use serial port library.

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