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I'm having trouble with this query using ST_INTERSECTS or ST_OVERLAPS. It's not working with JOIN(s) functions.

SELECT T1.'ZIP', T2.name
  FROM 1fzwSGnxD0xzJaiYXYX66zuYvG0c5wcEUi5ZI0Q as T1 
       LEFT OUTER JOIN 1vVUoTyGcnlbxmd66lZeHj81-tbgpIyKpVmXaZxYH as T2 
         ON ST_OVERLAPS(T1.'geometry', T2.geometry, 0.1)=1 LIMIT 1

I have tested these queries in many ways. Here are two working examples one from each table pulling these same fields with aliases:

SELECT `ZIP` as z, `geometry` as gr FROM 1fzwSGnxD0xzJaiYXYX66zuYvG0c5wcEUi5ZI0Q

SELECT 'name' as n, 'geometry' as gl FROM 1vVUoTyGcnlbxmd66lZeHj81-tbgpIyKpVmXaZxYH

You can use the ' and ` around tables the same way for both from what I saw.

As soon as I do a join the queries stop working I have tried views and that failed too. I tried ST_INTERSECTS that failed. I tried overlap with =t instead of =1 and with out either one.

It seems to work best when I write it like this:

SELECT T1.'ZIP', T2.'name' FROM 1fzwSGnxD0xzJaiYXYX66zuYvG0c5wcEUi5ZI0Q as T1, 1vVUoTyGcnlbxmd66lZeHj81-tbgpIyKpVmXaZxYH as T2 WHERE ST_OVERLAPS(T1.'geometry', T2.'geometry', 0.1)=1 LIMIT 1

but then it fails on every comma.

I tested these queries at https://developers.google.com/apis-explorer/#p/fusiontables/v1/fusiontables.query.sql

Any help would be great.

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The table name 1vVUoTyGcnlbxmd66lZeHj81-tbgpIyKpVmXaZxYH looks suspicious. Are you sure the "-" is supposed to be in there? –  Lennart Jun 1 '14 at 3:19
Works for me –  geocodezip Jun 1 '14 at 4:39
Where did ST_OVERLAPS come from? I only see ST_INTERSECTS and ST_DISTANCE in the documentation –  geocodezip Jun 1 '14 at 4:47
ST_OVERLAPS is supposed to be allowed I saw it somewhere in the docs. here's a list of ST_Geometry types from oracle. webhelp.esri.com/arcgisserver/9.3/java/index.htm#geodatabases/… –  user3695919 Jun 1 '14 at 14:45
More so than anything it works on any basic query but when you start adding joins or ST_ of any sort it fails. I even made it into several queries breaking apart the geometry of one table and trying ST_INTERSECTS on points and coordinates. Then tried it with polygons the same way too. –  user3695919 Jun 1 '14 at 14:48

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had to do it as a polygon like this

SELECT 'name' FROM 1vVUoTyGcnlbxmd66lZeHj81-tbgpIyKpVmXaZxYH 
LATLNG(40.249528, -120.8435), 
LATLNG(40.258326, -121.061249), 
LATLNG(40.301765, -121.007911), 
LATLNG(40.249528, -120.8435)))

These were my results from zip 00012. I'm assuming more than desired(will have to double check) but at least the query works.

fran id:50315 fran id:50204 fran id:51489 fran id:51318 fran id:51404 fran id:54023 fran id:53658 fran id:54404 fran id:50611 fran id:51406 fran id:53302

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