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I'm a new python user. When I was installing postgresql and running the following order:

$vi ~/.bash_profile

Add PATH=/usr/pgsql-9.2/bin:$PATH before export PATH.

$source ~/.bash_profile

My terminal became very strange. It seemed that I could not logout of the .bash_profile environment. When I use any basic comments like cd, open, etc., something strange happens.

This is my output:

MynametekiMacBook-Air:~ Myname$ cd Documents/

-bash: dirname: command not found

MynametekiMacBook-Air:Documents Myname$ open ~/.bash_profile

-bash: open: command not found

MynametekiMacBook-Air:Documents Myname$ easy_install pip

-bash: easy_install: command not found

How would I fix this?

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Paste the ~/.bash_profile here, so we can help you what going wrong. –  Ray Shih Jun 1 '14 at 3:05
I agree with @RayShih Post your .bash_profile as well as the output of env to a pastebin or something and provide it here. –  ptierno Jun 1 '14 at 6:54

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If you enter

$nano ~/.bash_profile

you will be able to edit your bash profile, you can remove the line that you added that is causing problems and try again, or see if there is a syntax error in what was entered. Once you've finished your edits you need to press ctl+o then enter to confirm and ctl+x to exit back to the bash prompt.

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run /bin/mv ~/.bash_profile ~/.bp. Close your terminal. Reopen and look at the new .bp file with vim ~/.bp. Fix any errors and run mv ~/.bp ~/.bash_profile to revert.

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Try export PATH=$PATH:/usr/pgsql-9.2/bin instead of Add PATH=/usr/pgsql-9.2/bin:$PATH. Because it looks like you made so your paths are being overwritten instead of being updated.

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adding a path to $PATH shouldn't stop a terminal from working, even if the path doesn't exist. plus.. his paths are not being overwritten becuase he does have :$PATH in there. he is just prepending /usr/pgsql-9.2/bin to the $PATH. –  ptierno Jun 1 '14 at 6:53

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