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I set up a Wordpress site on a local web server (Raspberry Pi), which has the IP It has virtual host settings, so that it can be accessed by ruby.com, which is my cat's name, on my LAN, but it requires the client computer to have host settings modified for it to work, as well.

This is fine and works from my desktop that has client-side configuration (C:/Windows/system32/drivers/etc/host), but then the Wordpress site doesn't work properly when using my iPhone that has to use the IP to access the site. The site loads, but required files like the CSS files have URL with ruby.com in it, even though it's accessed by

On my server, I set up a configuration file under /etc/apache/sites-available/ruby.com (non-exact) and activated this so that it shows up under .../sites-enabled. I've also edited .../sites-available/default so that my document root is at /var/www/ruby.com/public_html. What else do I need to do so that the site can be properly loaded with either ruby.com or

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