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I have system where from the main from will generate some sub forms.

My point, when the user need to merge the child information on the main form, to see the child form as part of main form.

Such like many system, when view sub window, then it is possible to dock or bind this sub window onto the main window.

How to do that? On other hand, I have some space in the main form to Dock the child in it.

I mean such like this: 1- generate stand alone window(sub) from main

enter image description here

2- when user drag this sub from to the main,it will be merge into the main window:

enter image description here

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Are you using MDI or non MDI? –  Sriram Sakthivel Jun 1 at 7:15
I think it is non –  Hana90 Jun 1 at 7:17

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From your comment, you're not using non MDI form. Unless I misunderstood you can set TopLevel to false, and add the child to any parent.

MyChildForm child = new MyChildForm();
child.TopLevel = false;//Important
child.Visible = true;
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thank you for help, but it is my fault, I need for stand alone form not child ones could you see my edit to the question, Please. –  Hana90 Jun 1 at 7:33
@Hana90 Code I provided will work, MyChildForm is just a name, it can be whatever. It can be a standalone form as you said. You'll have to work on the dragging part though. More likely you're looking for a DockPanel I guess –  Sriram Sakthivel Jun 1 at 7:42
yes your code worked, but I want to generate the form as above stand alone then can bind it into the main. thanks for the Dock library, but how can I get its tutorial? –  Hana90 Jun 1 at 7:56
I hope google can help you in this. I have never used it. here is the source, you can download and check the code. Check the DockSample project. –  Sriram Sakthivel Jun 1 at 8:03

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