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So I want to avoid typing 9999 possible outcomes doing something like this:

if($number==1) {echo 'level 1'; }
if($number==2) {echo 'level 2'; }
if($number==3) {echo 'level 3'; }
if($number==4) {echo 'level 4'; }

Is there a way with:

 if($number=>1) {echo 'level 1'; }
 if($number=>50) {echo 'level '2'; }

The only problem is that I don't know how to say that if it is equal to one or more, but no more than 50 echo "level 1"

I hope somebody can help.

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As it sounds.. $number >= 1 –  Orel Eraki Jun 1 '14 at 7:59
Why do that anyway? Just have: echo 'level ' . $number; –  LokiSinclair Jun 1 '14 at 8:01
@LokiSinclair I think you need to re-read his question. (I formatted the second bit of code to make it more visible). –  Fluffeh Jun 1 '14 at 8:08

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If I undrstood you correctly than you want that every 50 numbers will be consider as a level.


echo $number/50 +1;

Will generate for the number 2 the calculation 2/50 +1 will be resulted in 1.
Will generate for the number 55 the calculation 55/50 +1 will be resulted in 2.
And so on..

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If you want to round things down to the nearest fifty, you can use floor() and then do it in a single statement. If you just round, then 30 would round UP - which is not what you want.

echo 'Level: '.$level;

The +1 is there to make 1-50 as level 1 (otherwise it would floor down to zero) and so on for each level.

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If you reorder things a bit, you can use if..else if..else..etc., testing the largest first. That way you'll only test against the next smaller number if your variable is less than the larger number before it:

if ($number >= 50) {
  // at least 50
} else if ($number >= 20) {
  // at least 20 but less than 50
} else {
  // less than 20

Or, you can AND multiple conditions in your if:

if (($number >= 1) && ($number < 50)) {
  // at least 1 and less than 50
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