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I am just learning core data by creating an expenses tracker app. I have 2 Entities , Category and Transaction. Category can hold many transactions and the model is created correctly.

I have a picker selecting the category for my AddTransactionViewController. I use the following code to save my transaction when the Save button is pressed

 _savedTransaction.type = [_pickerCategories objectAtIndex:[_picker selectedRowInComponent:0]];
 _savedTransaction.timestamp = [NSDate date];
 _savedTransaction.amount = transactionAmount.text
 _savedTransaction.category = _transactionCategory;

I am sure I am doing something stupid with my Save because the _savedTransaction.categoryis returning null when I Log it. The other parameters Log correctly, so the transaction is saved... How can i store the transactionCategory from the value set by the picker?

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What is _transactionCategory? –  Pancho Jun 1 at 8:14
_transactionCategory is a property of type Category (my entity class) –  user2928985 Jun 1 at 8:17
This is what I'm asking. Is it a int, double, float, varchar. What type it is? –  Pancho Jun 1 at 8:22
it is NSManaged Object subclass, which has 2 attributes: name and displayOrder - a string and a number –  user2928985 Jun 1 at 8:26
OK and waht type is your _savedTransaction.category property? –  Pancho Jun 1 at 8:31

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You have to pass the value of picker view to your category

_savedTransaction.category = [_pickerCategories objectAtIndex:[_picker selectedRowInComponent:0]];

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I tried that...I get an error that I am passing an object of type NSString to a type Category –  user2928985 Jun 1 at 8:19
just make the category to the string type in CoreData. I believe you are using categories in the form of strings. –  Manpreet Singh Jun 1 at 8:26
category is the relationship between my 2 entities, sorry I should have been more clear –  user2928985 Jun 1 at 8:28
relationship is bidirectional or unidirectional ? –  Manpreet Singh Jun 1 at 8:32
bidirectional - one-to-many - Category<--->>Transaction –  user2928985 Jun 1 at 8:33

Open your .xcdatamodeld file, click on your savedTransaction Entity and change its category property type to NSString. After you modify your CoreData you will have to delete the existing app from your device/simulator and run/install it again. Then simply use the following logic

_savedTransaction.category = [_pickerCategories objectAtIndex:[_picker selectedRowInComponent:0]];

And should be saving your category as a string. You can also change your category property type to integer 16 if you wish to save just the index of your category instead of the name as a string. In this case simply save it as

_savedTransaction.category = [NSNumber numberWithInt:[_picker selectedRowInComponent:0]];
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