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I'm creating a application with Spring-jersey-camel. I wanted to expose my jersey layer and internally invoke camel routes to invoke resources.





<camelContext id="camelContext" xmlns="http://camel.apache.org/schema/spring">


public final class MyRoutes extends RouteBuilder {

  public void configure() throws Exception {

      .log("Camel to get orders")


public class ReservationResources {

  ProducerTemplate producer;

  public void setProducer(ProducerTemplate producer) throws Exception {
     this.producer = producer;

  public Response orderLookup(@PathParam("orderId") final long orderrId){
    Response r = Response.noContent().build();

    //Producer is null. throws nullPointerException
    String order= producer.requestBody("direct:getOrdersData", orderId, String.class);
    r = Response.ok().entity(reservation).build();
    return r;

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? or how to inject myRoute/ProducerTemplate im my orderResourceImpl.java. Thanks in advance

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Two Options, If ReservationResources is a spring bean then, Inject the Camel Context into it and create a ProducerTemplate from that

ProducerTemplate template = camelContext.createProducerTemplate();

If ReservationResources is not a spring bean then get the Camel Context via a static method http://stackoverflow.com/a/13633109/3696510 and then create the ProducerTemplate.

ProducerTemplate template = StaticSpringApplicationContext.getBean("camelContext").createProducerTemplate()

Also if you do use that StaticSpringApplicationContext mentioned in the link, I would add this method to it.

public static <T> T getBean(String beanName, Class<T> clazz) {
    return (T) CONTEXT.getBean(beanName,clazz);
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