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I use cache.manifest (with correct content-type and expire=-1 http-header) to cache a very very simple page for offline use. (this page)

The page works correctly with chrome browser, but FF 29 doesn't display it when I am offline.

I also use this code but I couldn't find the problem.

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have you added manifest="cache.manifest"> to your <html> tag? –  Barto Jun 1 at 8:39
i link to the page at my question. you can see the page and test it. –  ali mzm Jun 1 at 8:51
On Chrome it seems to work, but not on FF. The answers to this question are clarifying stackoverflow.com/questions/8303785/…, maybe you are facing the same issue? –  Barto Jun 1 at 8:56
i saw the answer... i finally believe that Firefox has problem in caching offline globally not only for my page. other demo of HTML5 offline application doesn't work for me in Firefox too. –  ali mzm Jun 1 at 12:15

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