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I'm working on a project that use Mercurial as his source control manager.

The directory structure is the following:

repo/mylib1/.hg repo/mylib2/.hg ... repo/myApp/.hg

I want everything under an unique repo (ie: repo/.hg) and, ideally, I want to keep the file history of each repo.

Can I do that with Mercurial? How?


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Yes you can combine repositories or split a repository into separate ones

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I finally used the technique exposed in the post you are reffering to. But instead of using "hg addremove", I use "hg mv" to keep my history. Thanks! –  Etienne Savard Mar 20 '10 at 4:02
Cool I'm glad it worked out for you. HG is deceptively powerful for moving history around, I never cease to be amazed at what it can do. –  Tom Willis Mar 20 '10 at 14:56

You want to use Mercurial's relatively new support for subrepos.

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