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I generated an excel file server-side in situ from input given on the client side using xlwt and StringIO. Now I would like to send the file back to the client, so that s/he can save it (Ideally with a Save Dialog).

I am trying to do that with send_file, but as I am not very good with javascript/jquery/ajax, I do not actually know how to handle this on the client side. Based on the code below (gathered mostly from the flask homepage), could you give me a hint how to get there?

Thanks for your help!

Here's the code:

Please Note: The JS Code is triggered by a click event on a button. It works fine when passing json from client to server and back...


import StringIO
import wordpuzzle # The code that creates the excel file

def create_wordsearch():

    wordlist = json.loads(request.args.get('wordlist'))

    # create a stringIO object
    output = StringIO.StringIO()

    # Instantiate the PuzzleGrid class
    p = wordpuzzle.PuzzleGrid(wordlist)

    # Create the Puzzle

    # Create the xls file in memory

    # Set back to start

    # send back to client
    return send_file(output, mimetype='application/vnd.ms-excel')


$(document).ready(function() {
    $("#create_btn").bind('click', function(){
        //Get all words from list
        var list = [];
        $("#wordlist option").each(function(){
        $.getJSON($SCRIPT_ROOT + '/_create_wordsearch', {
            wordlist: JSON.stringify(list)
        }, function(data){
            // What goes in here?
        return false;
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I don't believe you can use JavaScript for this. You need to allow the browser to submit a form (most likely a POST) to /_create_wordsearch so that is can handle the file download. – dirn Jun 1 '14 at 13:20
@dirn: always a pity to hear that one's efforts went in the wrong direction and were for nothing ;)... well :(, I guess. How would I do it with POST? Can you link to a good code example? – Nebelhom Jun 1 '14 at 14:36
You just need an HTML form. – dirn Jun 1 '14 at 16:46
@dirn: Do you have a good code example that uses flask and html? I am new to this and I cannot distinguish the good from the bad ones. I am alright with python. html/js/css webthingy not so much. I only ever find the python/flask side (tutorials and so on), but never really a whole example including html and maybe even js. – Nebelhom Jun 1 '14 at 18:26
What does your HTML look like? I imagine your work is mostly done already. You'll just need to update your view to accept POSTs. The quickstart has a section about HTTP methods. – dirn Jun 1 '14 at 19:38

Assuming you have a div on the page to use as a target:

<div id="exportdiv"></div>

Replace your $.getJSON call with code like this:

var url = $SCRIPT_ROOT + '/_create_wordsearch';

// hide the div, write the form
    .html('<form id="exportform" action="' + url + '" target="_blank" method="get">'
        + '<textarea name="wordlist">' + JSON.stringify(list) +'</textarea>'
        + '</form>');

// submit the form

And on the server side, you will need to unescape the JSON. I'm not certain if you can feed Markup.unescape() directly into json.loads but it will be something like:

wordlist = json.loads(Markup(request.args.get('wordlist')).unescape())
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