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I'm trying to get the contents of a cell in a row in a YUI datatable.

I can use myDataTable.getSelectRows()[0] to get the first selected row. However, how do I get the contents of the first cell in that row?

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It looks like getSelectRows() returns an array of record IDs. You can retrieve the corresponding record using getRecord(). Once you have a record, use getData() to retrieve the value of the field you are interested in.

var recordID = myDataTable.getSelectRows()[0],
    record = myDataTable.getRecord(recordID);

http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/docs/YAHOO.widget.DataTable.html#method_getRecord http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/docs/YAHOO.widget.Record.html#method_getData

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I think I may have the answer for you assuming you have not already found it yourself.

I have the same kind of page with a datatable and a textarea field, when you select a row in the datatable calls the same page displays further detail from the selected row in the textarea field and retains selection of the selected row.

1: To do this I apply the following example MySQL query called AllMyBroadcasts...

SELECT @rownum :=@rownum + 1 RowNumber, p.* FROM tblBroadcasts p, (SELECT @rownum := 0)r ORDER BY Date DESC

the tblBroadcasts table has fields : Date, Narrative, ID

2: I then provide the following to the table row of my YUI Datatable within HTML hyperlink tags.

href="MyPage.php?SelectedBroadcastID=' .$row_Broadcasts['ID'].'&RowNumber=' .($row_Broadcasts['RowNumber'] -1 )

3: When the href is clicked MyPage reload with additional parameters SelectedBroadcastID and RowNumber the SelectedBroadcastID I use in a second query against tblBroadcasts called MySlectedBroadcast which a simple query on outputting all fields where the ID = SelectedbordcastID. I then to my field to display the narrative of my selected row in my textarea field.

The second paramater I do the following with.

$SelectedRowID = 0; if( isset($_GET['RowNumber'])) { $SelectedRowID = $_GET['RowNumber']; }

Above I placed just after code covering my two queries.

4: Then finally to get the datatable to select the row of the selected row I include the following to the var yuidatdatable section of the datatable script...


The -1 value referred to step 2 serves as a work around to fact that yuidatatable works on a 0 base and the MySQL referred to in step 1 on a 1 base.

There you go !

Perhaps there is a better why using get from within YUIDatatable scripting, be nice to know if so. That said this work fine for me and perhaps if you have not found an answer I hope this helps.

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