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$(Constants.Selectors.Submit_Button).bind('click', function () {
    GM_log('Event run: id = ' + this.id + ' self = ' + this);

The above code appears to run when the click event is triggered by the document (or otherwise some other all-page encompassing element or set of elements.) The console output is this: Script: Event run: id = undefined self = [object XPCNativeWrapper [object HTMLDocument]]

The selector is a simple string "#buttonID" where buttonID is significantly obfuscated (I'm sure there are no name conflicts) and is part of an HTML form I have injected into the page. (Namely an input element with the attribute "type" set to "button").

Does anyone know why this might be? I'm clueless on this one.

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What kind of version of jQuery you are using? It's been a while since i played in GM, but i found code of mine and it was done with 1.3.2 and it's still working for me as long as click function is under document ready function.

var $jq = jQuery.noConflict();

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instead of doing something like this:

var elmLink = document.getElementById('somelink');
elmLink.onclick = 'my_func(this)';

do something like this:

var elmLink = document.getElementById('somelink');
elmLink.addEventListener("click", my_func, true);

from here

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