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I'm using the PHP edition of Eclipse, but was told that I also need the Java EE edition. I'd like to install them both in the same install (single launch) and not have to open 2 editions in parallel. Is there a way to easily get this done? I'm new to eclipse, so detailed instructions are welcome.

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When you say JEE edition, are you talking about the Java Edition? – Marcos Placona Mar 7 '10 at 21:17
There are 2 Java editions, 1 is the standard Java edition, and another one called the JEE edition which has a few more plugins. See this chart – Coolate Mar 7 '10 at 21:58

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I would do it the other way around: first install Eclipse IDE for Java EE developers and then add the PHP Development Tools (PDT) from the update site (instructions here).

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This should be pretty straightforward. Download one edition, then have it install the plugins comprising the other. This is done via Install New Software in the Help menu; first time out you will need to hit the Add button and tell it about the update site URL for the plugin set you want to install. You can find the update site URLs via the main Eclipse website.

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It looks like the Java EE version is a superset of the PHP one, at least for things mentioned in this chart...

So, I would start with Java EE. Check the plugins and features and use the Help->Install dialog to add any new plugins you want.

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In your case, I would start with the "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers" and then add those plugins needed for PHP. From this chart, it looks like you'll need to add Webtools and the PDT.

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