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I am trying to figure out how to combine two commands in sox. My master file is 44.1khz. I first want to resample this file to 22khz and then convert it to mp3/opus/ogg. How can I do this with a single command?

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SoX determines the files type by looking at its extension. To adjust the rate of the output file, add the -r option to the output files formatting options. From the manual synopsis:

sox [global-options] [format-options] infile1
     [[format-options] infile2] ... [format-options] outfile
     [effect [effect-options]] ...

Here is an example of how to perform both actions with one command:

sox master.wav -r 22050 out.ogg

Alternatively, you could add the rate manipulation to the effects chain:

sox master out.ogg rate 22050
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