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I have list of video files (loaded from database), each with start and end time of requested interval:

  # file   begin  end
  v1.mp4   1:01   2:01
  v2.mp4   3:02   3:32
  v3.mp4   2:03   5:23

And I need to create single video file containing these intervals:


I preffer usig ffmpeg, since it is installed on server. Caller program is written in PHP.

It is easy to cut one input to one output (argument escaping removed for clarity):

  exec("ffmpeg -ss $begin -i $input_file -ss $begin -c copy $output_file");

I there any easier way than executing ffmpeg for each interval and then execute it once more to concatenate prepared clips together? I really do not like to have a lot of temporary files or dealing with complex process handling.

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