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This may just be a simple answer that I'm looking too much into.

On my first sheet I have 5 columns of data from where I want to pull information.

   [A1]"Pickup Date" [B1]"Truck #" [C1] "Trailer #" [D1] "Customer Name"

On the second sheet I have three of the same columns

[A1] "Pickup Date" [B1]"Truck Number" [C1]"Customer Name"

I'm Wondering if I have supplied the "Pickup Date" and "Truck Number" on the second sheet if I can grab the corresponding "Customer Name" from sheet 1 and paste it into C2 on sheet 2.

Here's the formula I have tried in C2 under customer name. I know it's not in correct format but I need both the Pickup Date and Truck Number to match and paste the

customer name=INDEX(Table1,( MATCH(A1,Table1[Pick Up Date],0)&MATCH(B2,Table1[Truck #],0)),4)

Thanks For your help

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What if there are many Trailers for one truck with multiple customers? Which one should be fetched from Sheet1? –  MPękalski Jun 1 '14 at 14:18
For now just the first one that comes up in the list. I may need to use macro later on to create another row and add the second customer. For now I just need to know the first customer from the given date and Truck # –  Joe McConville Jun 1 '14 at 14:47

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I have run into a similar issue and the solution I found was to place a CONCATENATE formula in the last column on the first sheet that combines the 'Pickup Date' and 'Truck Number' like the following: =CONCATENATE(A2,B2) and use CONCATENATE in the INDEX(MATCH) formula in the second sheet like the following: =INDEX('Sheet1'!A:E,MATCH(CONCATENATE(A2,B2),'Sheet1'!E:E,0),4) This formula looks at columns A:E in the excel sheet named Sheet1. If your sheet is named something else, you will have to change it accordingly.

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