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I am using Laravel 4.1, and using facebook/php-sdk with sentry actually it's derived from this questions answer: Facebook Login with Sentry, A password is required for user [email], none given

This code isn't working any more:

    $profile = $user->profiles()->save($profile);

throws this error: enter image description here

How to resolve it?

route for that is available here Route code

My models are as bellows:

Profile model:


class Profile extends \Eloquent {

    public function user()
        return $this->belongsTo('User');


User model contains:

public function profiles()
    return $this->hasMany('Profile');
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Have you created the hasMany relation (profiles method) in User model ? –  user1279647 Jun 1 at 16:23
yes let me update my question with the model's codes –  Asif Jun 1 at 16:25
@user1279647- edited my code –  Asif Jun 1 at 16:38
Do you customize the model sentry using this method (forums.laravel.io/viewtopic.php?pid=48274#p48274) ? –  user1279647 Jun 1 at 17:33
that solved my question, thanks –  Asif Jun 1 at 19:17

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Solved in the comments :

Do you customize the model sentry using this method http://forums.laravel.io/viewtopic.php?pid=48274#p48274 ? – user1279647

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