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I have an external drive that I use with my Windows laptop, and contains all my important files. The drive is in NTFS format.

Now, on my Mac laptop, I have installed a Windows 7 virtual machine (using Virtualbox). When I try to write to the portable disk from the virtual machine, it says it is write protected, and thus I can't write to it. Now, I think I can easily change the setting so that the portable disk is not write protected; however, my questions is the following:

If I write from the Windows virtual machine on Mac to this portable disk, is there any chance of damaging the disk based on incompatible formatting of Mac and Windows, and losing files?

Thanks for your response

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this belongs on superuser. –  Daniel A. White Jun 1 '14 at 16:38
always have backups! –  Daniel A. White Jun 1 '14 at 16:38

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I had asked a similar question somewhere else, and the answer is the following:

You are told this because OS X is mounting the drive and you are accessing the disk through OS X. OS X as read-only NTFS support. You cannot mount NTFS under OS X without using FUSE and NTFS-ng. If you could get your VM to mount the filesystem instead of OS X (I use Parallels, which will do this) then Windows is capable of mounting the NT filesystem read-write and you should have no issues (no more than you would native Windows, anyway). Just make sure to unmount the filesystem before sleeping the VM.

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