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Does Unicode store stroke count information about Chinese, Japanese, or other stroke-based characters?

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A little googling came up with Unihan.zip, a file published by the Unicode Consortium which contains several text files including Unihan_RadicalStrokeCounts.txt which may be what you want. There is also an online Unihan Database Lookup based on this data.

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In Python there is a library for that:

>>> from cjklib.characterlookup import CharacterLookup
>>> cjk = CharacterLookup('C')
>>> cjk.getStrokeCount(u'日')

Disclaimer: I wrote it

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You mean, is it encoded somehow in the actual code point? No. There may well be a table somewhere you can find on the net (or create one) but it's not part of the Unicode mandate to store this sort of metadata.

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If you want to do character recognition goggle HanziDict.

Also take a look at the Unihan data site:


You can look up stroke count and then get character info. You might be able to build your own look up.

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UILocalizedIndexedCollation can be a total solution.


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Can you elaborate? –  Rico Mar 27 '14 at 17:32
first, call "UILocalizedIndexedCollation sectionForObject:collationStringSelector:" to get an index of section. then back to check which section this index mapping to in "UILocalizedIndexedCollation.sectionTitles" –  Jerry Juang Mar 27 '14 at 17:43

You will find that this answer gives a programmatic example of pulling out the stroke counts.

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Unless you add more detail here, you're better off posting this as a comment to the original question... –  icedwater Nov 26 '13 at 10:46

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