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I am currently using Netbeans IDE 7.4 to write some basic HTML code. Whenever I type a tag, it immediately highlights it, making it next to impossible to read until I click somewhere else. This is incredibly annoying. I have looked at all previous solutions, but for some reason they only work with Java and not HTML. Does anybody know how to fix this?

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Seems like a different color scheme would help. –  Robert Harvey Jun 1 at 19:42
I would prefer if there was just a way to permanently turn off the highlighting, but if a different color scheme is the only option, I'll just go for that. Thank you. –  user3326132 Jun 1 at 19:45
This only seems to work with Java, I can't do it when I am working with HTML... Thanks for trying though. –  user3326132 Jun 1 at 19:54
Then try it with the HTML Syntax option (if there is one). The one that I posted below uses the Java Code option. –  Robert Harvey Jun 1 at 19:55
I did try it with the HTML Syntax option. But there is no "mark occurrences" option like there is with the Java syntax option. –  user3326132 Jun 1 at 20:01

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The mark-occurrences color can be modified in Options->Fonts & Colors -> Syntax, language: Java, Category: Mark Occurrences. To turn it off completely go to Options->Java code -> Mark Occurrences and disable the first checkbox.


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