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I have a question about list views. I hope someone knows the solution, because I have been trying to solve this problem all weekend.

I have a custom list view in which every row have a custom .xml (item_row.xml) with a set color background for the row item.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

The problem is that when I try to make a selector for the list. I want two things:

  • When the item is focused, the typical orange rectangle should appear over it,
  • and the same When the item is pressed.

I have proved with a selector and a custom style but all I get is or the selector doesn't appear or the selector covering the item so I can't see it.

If anyone could help me with finding the right code I would be very grateful.


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Add an attribute to your ListView tag.


Now you can create your own style for your background using the XML file as drawable. For more information, check out the API Demos app, drawables section.

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There is a special parameter for listview selected backgronud, i.e. android:listSelector. Setting this parameter to the background resource will solve your problem.

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