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I'm reading a line till enter/return is pressed(like a terminal), but I have some problems when it comes to ignoring just space(s) and just enter(s).

This is how I read and check for space/new line/comment:

char line[256];
while(printf("%s>", shell_name) && scanf(" %50[^\n]", line) != EOF){
        if(isspace(*line) == 0 && line[0] != '#' && line[0] != '\n'){

Input example:

mysh>echo lol
mysh> *spaces*
mysh> *next line(enter)*
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You should add example input for which this snippet doesn't work. Include current and expected result. – Banthar Jun 1 '14 at 20:30

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The " " in scanf(" %50[^\n]", line) consumes all leading whites-space (including '\n'), not just leading spaces.

isspace(*line) == 0 and line[0] != '\n' are always true.

Suggest fgets()/sscanf(). User input is far easier to handle with first getting the line and then 2) parsing it.

char buf[256];
if (fgets(buf, sizeof buf, stdin) == NULL) HandleEOF();
char line[256];
if (sscanf(buf, " %50[^\n]", line) < 1) Handle_WhiteSpaceOnlyLine();
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