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I want to ignore all files in a directory but not any children directories and their contents. For instance ...


So, I want to ignore file1, file1, file3 but keep everything else. How do I do that?

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You can use a leading ! to negate a pattern, reincluding any names excluded by previous patterns. This should work:


This says to exclude everything inside parentdir (but not parentdir itself), but then don't exclude any directories -- a trailing slash will match directories but not files.

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Thanks... but either it didn't work or I didn't follow your instructions correctly. Here's the content of my .gitignore file (I don't know how to format a comment) ... .tmp .idea node_modules !node_modules/.bin/ –  mortsahl Jun 1 at 22:43
@mortsahl You're ignoring node_modules; you need to write node_modules/* to ignore just its children. –  Ismail Badawi Jun 1 at 22:47
Thanks again -- still didn't work. I'm now using code .tmp .idea node_modules/* !node_modules/.bin/ Checked in to new Bitbucket repository, then clone to a new directory. node_modules was ignored ... but so was node_modules/.bin/ –  mortsahl Jun 1 at 23:15
Got it -- since it was a hidden directory I wanted to not be ignored I had to ` node_modules/.*/ ` –  mortsahl Jun 1 at 23:30

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